SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes for USA Customers

I regret to announce that effective immediately Mama Cloth Boutique will not be selling cloth pads to USA Customers. FDA regulations states that Cloth Pads are classified as "Medical Devices" and require FDA annual registration of $3700 (which will increase regularly).  As a small business (Work At Home Mom). I cannot absorb these fees at this time. I do hope these rules are temporary. Every cloth pad maker shipping to the States is affected, and there are many of us pushing for changes to be made. Please visit the links below & sign the petition!
Please note this is only effecting CLOTH MENSTRUAL PADS.  Accessories & other items such as Wet Bags, Wrappers, Nursing Pads, Baby Wipes, Teething Covers, Mug Cozy's will all be available for purchase to USA customers but we will not be able to ship Cloth Pads.  I am very sad to do this and I do apologize to all of my lovely U.S ladies. I am very grateful for all of your business but we just cannot absorb such a hefty annual fee! As a small WAHM shop we have no choice but to suspend the shipping of Cloth Menstrual Pads to USA customers at this time. All other items will ship to the United States, but not cloth pads.

Please be patient as I update my website to reflect this over the next few days. USA Customers may still order from us but if pads are purchased you will be refunded for those items & we will ship the balance of your order.
A HUGE thank you to my U.S. Customers & friends for all of your support the past 2 years! I thank you all for the support  and I do hope to see you return and order other reusable cloth items.

My take on all of this...A quick rant.
Pads should not be labelled as "MEDICAL DEVICES". This implies that menstruation is a medical problem or disease.  Natural function of our bodies is not a medical problem and Cloth Pads should not be labelled as such.  The FDA is not respecting a women's right to have a choice about which products they use to manage menstruation.  If they really cared they would be a bit more concerned with investigating the toxic ingredients in 'FDA Approved' disposable products and going after those companies. This is why I refuse to pay this ridiculous fee. Disposable pads are generally loaded with toxins (and FDA approved) which tells us they really don't care about your protection.
How are Cloth Pads any different from selling undergarment items? Cloth Diapers? Baby Wipes? Cosmetic Pads? I can't help but have a feeling that with the huge trend and increase of Reusable Products these past few years we must have all put a nice dent in brand name disposables stocks. This has to be affecting someones pocket hence why they are cracking down more than ever. These fees are smothering Canadian WAHM businesses who are forced to freeze shipping to the USA and putting USA makers out of business.Thanks FDA! Also thank you for not allowing my USA customers to make the choice about the products they use for menstruation and limiting there availability.

Please check out the links below & PLEASE, PLEASE sign the petition to lower/eliminate the registration fee for Pad Makers! This doesn't just effect the makers. This effects YOU! Your options will now be limited to those companies (generally large corporations) that can afford these fees & your selection to reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups will be more limited.

From the FDA website

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Meg Jeddore