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A bit about Mama Cloth...

Mama Cloth Boutique is a home based business in Oshawa, ON. All items at my shop are designed and hand made by me with Love :)



Hi I'm Meg!

Fashion Design & Product Developer turned Stay-At-Home-Mama & the sewing behind Mama Cloth Boutique!

After cloth diapering my little one I made the switch to Mama Cloth myself. Since then, cloth has become a huge part of our household! We have switched to many alternatives such as Cosmetic pads, Baby Wipes, Cloth Diapers & Mama Cloth! I love that we are saving money, reducing waste, and protecting our bodies from harmful chemicals!

Environmental impact is very important to our family. So much waste is generated from disposable items for babies (diapers, wipes, breast pads etc), feminine hygiene (pads/tampons) or household (TP, Paper Towel, Cleaning towels). Our goal is to make the world a Greener place for our future generations.

We encourage Families to make the switch to cloth! We currently offer a wide range of products for our customers.  If pads are not your thing, you could reduce your impact a bit by making the switch to reusable Paper Towels or Cosmetic Pads! Even kitchen napkins instead of disposables or hankies in replacement of tissues. Every little bit helps! It's our goal to continue researching alternatives to disposable products & keep providing our customers with fun & functional alternatives to help make our lives a bit Greener!

If Organic Fabrics are important to you, please browse our web store for a selection of organic products or contact us for help.  We try to offer a wide selection of natural and many Organic Options (Hemp, Bamboo, Cotton).

Feedback & testimonials are always welcome! I love hearing from you! Keep checking back or follow us on one of our social media sites. We are always updating with new product & GIVEAWAYS too! Many of our pre-sales & Giveaways are first posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Head over & give us a LIKE!