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 I loved her products so much I purchased set for both my girls. She worked with me to have colour coded patterns for each of us. Such awesome service!

Micaele Florendo

I have several of her pads and a wet bag as well as many of her hankies which we had custom made (12" instead of 8") which my husband and I love!

Allison Keats

I recently purchased several reusable pads, liners, and wet bags from Mama Cloth. The whole process from learning about reusable pads to when I picked up my order was delightful. I never felt pressured to purchase more than I needed. Any questions I had were answered quickly and throughly. I worried about the absorption and comfort of the reusable pad so my expectations were not super high but I was honestly blown away! The pads are so comfortable and absorb moisture so well that it consistently feels like I am just wearing underwear. I am beyond thrilled and wish I had switched over sooner!

Amanda Lewis


" I am in love with the panty liners that I bought. Looking forward to buying more. The liners work great on their own or as backup for the cup. Very happy customer looking forward to buying more. "

Loretta Skillings


"This is the second brand of cloth pads I bought and they are amazing. I was nervous about using flannel because I thought it would be too hot but they are so comfortable and really amazing for absorption. I also like the full-cloth backing so they actually stay in place. I like that it is one-size-fit-all for underwear so I don't have to worry about which underwear goes with what pad (because I have enough to worry about Thank you so much Meg! I will definitely be a returning customer!"



"Megan has always been a great pleasure to work with, I am so excited about Mama Cloth because it reflects her beliefs and she is bringing the highest degree of integrity and social consciousness into something she has always been passionate about ... I am a satisfied and excited customer and a great supporter ! We are in good hands !"


Satisfied Customer

"I absolutely love these hankies! They are so soft, and they don't wear out my nose when I use them often. They are just the right size for me."

Heidi Savoie

Pianist with a happy nose!

"I had been looking for a healthier, greener, cost effective alternative to pads; after trying (and disliking) diva cup, I heard about mama cloth. I ordered and tried out the liners, all in one, and overnight pads, and I am converted! Meg makes an awesome product and is wonderful lady to deal with as well! I was so happy with my purchase that I have another order on the way! I would most definitely recommend this product."


satisfied Customer

"I had not tried reusable menstrual pads before and stumbled upon mama cloth and am so happy I did! The products are well crafted and hold up well to washing and the customer service of this company is top notch!"


Satisfied Customer

"Meg @ Mama Cloth Boutique was a pleasure to work with. I ended up ordering 4 rolls of the Family Cloth. She gave me tons of options for fabric choices and was very patient when I couldn't make up my mind right away about which ones I wanted! She sent me picture updates of the Family Cloth being made and she got my order done very quickly and it has turned out beautifully! I am so happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend Mama Cloth Boutique for her excellent products and customer service!!!!! Thanks again!! :)"


Satisfied Customer

"I have been using the panty liners for a few months now and love them. They wash up nice and I love knowing there are no chemicals next to my skin. I most recently bought some more in hopes of helping my 3 year old and her 'dribble' problem. The panty liners fit in her undies perfectly and help keep her 'area' dry, which in turn helps her constant rashes. She thinks it's fun (due to the fun colours) and I think it's great ! Win ! Win ! Another bonus ? This is getting my 7 year old used to seeing 'pads' and when her time comes she will be getting a supply of Mama Cloth."


Delighted Customer

"I have officially made the switch from store-bought products to Mama Cloth! I love saving money and this is a great way. Not only are they super comfortable and washable, but there are so many cute patterns that it just makes that time of the month more bearable! And there are so many options! I don't know why no one thought of this sooner, but I'm glad Meg did!!!! Thank you!!!!"


Satisfied and Loyal Customer

"Not only are the cloth wipes great on washing up the kids...I love them for taking off my make up or general cleansing of my face. Soft on one side, gentle exfoliation on the other!"


Satisfied Mama

"After looking at a few options for converting my velcro diapers to snaps, I asked Meg if she'd be willing to try it, and I'm so glad she did! Between her fast work and the fact that she let me give her just a couple at a time, I was never too low on diapers (especially key with 2 little ones wearing them!), didn't have to pay ridiculous shipping costs to get the manufacturer to do them, and yet still got great quality results, with Meg opening up the lining so that the snaps would not touch babe's skin, and sewing it right back up, so you wouldn't know the snaps weren't original. Plus, I gave her creative control over snap colours and ended up with some diapers coming back to me even cuter than they started! Love having diapers that no longer stick to everything but themselves, and that neither babe can undo themselves! In the end I got even more converted that I'd originally planned, because I was so happy with the results!"

Amy Saunders

Thrilled Customer!

"I have used my Mama Cloth for two cycles now I love them! I am so glad to be done with store bought pads/tampons. I love how easy they are to use. I just place an insert under the elastic and I am good to go. One pad can do 1-2 changes with the insert on top. For heavier days, tuck insert into the pocket and perfecto! They are super easy to clean and wash nicely with my cloth diapers :)"

Jennifer Seaton

Satisfied Mom & Customer!

"I have been looking for an alternative to disposable pads and tampons. Mama Cloth is just the answer! They are comfy,user friendly, absorbent and extremely easy to wash (not to mention well made!) Meg puts her heart into her projects. I would recommend Mama Cloth to everyone! Thanks!"


One Satisfied Customer!

"In a world where we are so consumed by plastic and disposables, what a wonderful product to have available! Since having my daughter in 2011 I find myself very sensitive to harsh textures and synthetics. The last thing a girl wants during her "special time" is more irritation and discomfort. Finally a product that I feel comfortable using. My only regret is not finding these sooner!"


Happy Mama

"These are the BEST menstrual cloths i have ever used! so comfy, high quality and super easy to wash :) Thank You Meg!"


happy customer & owner Henna Hair Salon

"For all of you Post Menopausal Mamas, I'm using the overnight pads for an incontinence problem at night. THEY ARE FABULOUS! And they wash up great! No more buying the drugstore kind anymore. Wonderful product!"

Cathy Wilson

Satisfied Grandma

"I honestly don't know what I did before I started using your cloth wipes! Nothing gets sticky peanut butter and toddler dirt off my sons face like they do! They're also awesome for making quick work I diaper changes! Perhaps most importantly, the selection of different patterns makes it easy to separate the ones for hands and faces from the ones for poopy bums ;)"

Shauna Nolan

Satisfied mama & customer