Cloth FAQ



-Cheaper than disposables

-Reusable (Never Run Out)

-Soft, Breathable, & more comfortable than disposable pads

-Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

-Very absorbent! Our fabrics are researched & tested to give you the best quality Mama Cloth

-Say goodbye to that irritating “Diaper Rash” caused by disposable pads that do not breathe which in turn irritates your sensitive skin

-Healthier for you! Many disposables contain highly toxic chemicals that can cause harm to your body & your lady bits

-Easy to clean (can be washed with your cloth diapers)



-Your Mama Cloth stash is entirely up to you

It can be purchased all at once or buy some gradually and build it up over time. I have a blog post about selecting your cloth pads & the various styles I make.  Please visit HERE for more info on this post.


When placing your first order ask yourself two things...

1) How many pads do I use a day?

2) How often will I be doing laundry?

The easiest way to determine how many pads you need is to figure out how many you would use in a day & multiply that by the number of days until you do laundry.  We suggest 10-20 pads for those that want to go completely paperless. Pads are available individually if you would like to give them a try.

On a budget?? Pick up a few at a time! The cost of shipping is minimal for a few pads & pick up is also available for local customers.

Build your stash as you can afford it & that way you can collect an assortment of prints & colours too!



-We have two main styles of pads available and many different sizes & fabrics to choose from. 

POCKET PADS: These pads are great for Post Partum, Heavy Bleeding or Bladder Leakage.  Similar to a pocket diaper you have to stuff the inserts yourself.  Our pocket pads are designed with the option to stuff inserts INSIDE the shell of the pocket or on the TOP LAYER of the pad (under the elastic feature) which is great for more leakage protection & great if you just want to replace the top layer to ‘Freshen’ up.  Pocket pads are currently available in two sizes (9” LENGTH & 11” LENGTH). Also, don’t forget to pick up a few extra inserts if you are purchasing POCKET PADS. You don’t have to wear extra inserts; it is just an extra feature that we have added to give our Mama’s more of a Hybrid option with our pocket pads. Additional inserts are available in Cotton Fleece or Hemp Cotton Fleece. For those looking for a lower maintenance pad than Pocket Pads, we have a wide selection of All-In-One Pads available.

AIO (All-In-One) PADS: The name says it all! No insert removal required! No stuffing required. Wash as is! These pads are great for those looking for an easy solution to cloth pads. These pads are available in many different sizes & prints, including some in PUL (water proof backing).

The type of pads you will need totally depends on your flow and what you are using them for. We suggest picking up a few Overnight/Long pads & Panty Liners for those heavier or lighter days. If you are unsure, try a few different styles & see what works for you!



Cloth pads last many, many years if cared for properly & can be reused over & over. The average life of a cloth pad is 6-7 years.



While there is a bit of upfront cost to starting a stash of Mama Cloth, the return is AMAZING! Not only in comfort & gynecological health, but in money saved! The average American women spends $150-$200 per year on disposable pads or tampons & will use over 12, 000 disposables in her lifetime! The average price of cloth pads is $8 (although they can range from $5-$19 depending on brand, size, absorbency, materials used & style). If we multiply these averages per year times six (the life span of a cloth pad), an American women spends $900-$1200 on disposables or $80-$160 over a six year period. Worth the savings!



Many women do not realize the amount of chemicals within their store bought disposables, or how they may correlate with gynecological concerns. Disposable Pad & Tampon companies are not required by law to list the ingredients on labels, making it difficult for the consumer to make an informed decision. Some irritating or toxic ingredients found in disposable products include...ALUMINUM, ALCOHOLS, FRAGRANCE ADDITIVES, HYDROCARBONS & DIOXIN!!! YIKES!


Tampon bleaching processes leaves behind Dioxin, a toxic chemical (Chlorine-Compound). Dioxin is a highly toxic compound produced as a byproduct in some manufacturing processes, notable herbicide production & paper bleaching. It is a serious and persistent environmental pollutant linked to CANCER, IMMUNE SUPPRESSION, ULCERATION, PELVIC INFLAMMATION DISEASE, REDUCED FERTILITY, CHANGES IN HORMONE LEVELS, & ENDOMETRIOSIS.



Cloth pads come with minimum packaging - lowering the cost of fossil fuels & transportation disposables otherwise use. We also take pride in the Eco-Friendly fabrics and natural fibers used to make your quality Mama Cloth.  With an average of 20-25 pads per cycle, this saves 8000-10,000 disposable pads over 33 years (an American women’s typical length of a menstrual cycle). This equates to 300lbs in a landfill for each & every woman!