TIP OF THE WEEK: Cloth Pad Shifting & Bunching???

 Hello & Happy New Year!!!

Part of my New Years Resolution for my business is to Blog more, Sew More, & Post More!!!

One of my goals is to post weekly tips that have to do with Greener Living and Cloth! So watch for that!

This weeks topic is... PAD SHIFTING!!! Say whaaaat???

You heard me. Pad shifting! Have you ever gotten weird shifting using cloth pads? Since cloth pads are snapped together vs. stuck to your undies like disposable pads, it is possible that cloth pads can shift/bunch around on your underwear.  For those of you experiencing these issues I have some tips for you...

1) Adjust your Snap Setting: Always check the snap setting of your cloth pads.  Proper fit is important.  If your pads are not snug around the gusset of your underwear they may shift.  It is important to select the pad setting that allows a snug fit for our cloth pad.

2) Blame Your Undies:  I personally have what I call my "Period Panties".  Usually a boy short or bikini style with a wider gusset.  If you are wearing slinky bikini underwear with a gusset (crotch of your panty) that isn't wide enough you may experience shifting.  I often select underwear that is snugly fit and has more coverage for 'That time of the month". You want the pad to be snug to the crotch of your underwear. The more secure the pad the less risk of leaks & movement!

3) Pad Extenders: For many plus sized women (or women that tend to purchase styles of underwear with a wider gusset) the issue can also be that pads are TOO tight to the gusset of your underwear. This may cause bunching. If this is the case PAD EXTENDERS (much like bra extenders) can be purchased.  If this applies to you please contact me and I can custom make some extenders for you at little cost.

Hope this post helps some of you! Please keep a watch for weekly tips on Healthy Living & Cloth Everything!!

All the best for 2016!

Meg Jeddore