Cloth Pad Wing Extenders

Cloth Pad Wing Extenders


Do you find your pads are bunching? If your underwear gusset is a wider (like a boy short style) or if you are plus sized this can happen with cloth pads.  The solution is easy!

Made from 1/2" Braided elastic & Kam Snaps! See the dropdown menu for our selection of snap colours!

Cloth Pad Wing Extenders add approximately 1" to the width of your pad! Don't get your undies in a twist! Just snap the extender on and you are ready to go! Problem solved!


CARE/WASHING:  To increase the longevity of your Cloth Pad Wing Extenders, avoid machine washing them. Please be sure to remove your extenders before tossing your cloth pads in the washer. Because of their position under the pad, it is unlikely that they will become soiled. If you do need to wash your Extenders, we suggest hand-washing them and air drying!

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