Reusable Cosmetic Pads/All Purpose Rounds

Reusable Cosmetic Pads/All Purpose Rounds


Made from Organic Bamboo Velour (Solid Colour), Cotton Flannel (Printed Side), and a Cotton Fleece inner (absorbency layer.)



*Cup Coasters - A sanitary spot to place your menstrual cup

* Reusable Cosmetic Pads - Reduce the use of disposables in your home. Can be used to remove make up or for face toner.  Rinse & add to your wet bag.

*Face Scrubs- Use the Organic Bamboo Velour side as a soft facial scrub to clean your face and remove dirt/oils from your pores. Very gentle on the skin.

*Cold Compress- Soak in witch hazel solution for cold compress post partum for pain relief and to promote healing

*Cold Packs- Dampen with water & freeze for migraines/headaches. Apply to eyes as needed

The soft organic bamboo velour side is very soft for your face & the removal of make up or cleansing. The inner Cotton Fleece fill is very absorbent and adds a nice thickness and strength to the cosmetic pad.  All cosmetic pads are backed with a fun Cotton Flannel Print.

Great for travel! Machine Washable! Use over & over!

Size: approximately 4" Ea.

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