Organic Bamboo/Hemp/PUL Liner

Organic Bamboo/Hemp/PUL Liner


*SORRY- This item does not ship to the USA*

3 Layer Protection! These panty liners are great for those looking for more protection with a panty liner fit. Also great for Teens looking for a smaller pad with good absorbency & leak protection!

Made with 1 Layer Organic Bamboo Velour (Dyed with Eco friendly dyes), 1 Layer Unbleached Organic Hemp Cotton Fleece, 1 Layer PUL Fabric (Leak Protection)

These pads are great for pregnancy, teens, bladder leakage, diva cup back up & everyday use! They are a thin design with a leak proof PUL fabric making messes worry free. Hemp/Bamboo are extremely absorbent fabrics while the PUL waterproof breathable fabric protects from any leakage.

Double Adjustable Snap Closure, Approximately 71/4"-7 1/2" Long

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