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Last week we discussed Cloth Pad shifting and touched a bit on cloth pad bunching. These issues can arise if your cloth pads aren't fitting the underwear that you have selected. For this weeks blog post I wanted to introduce a new product to Mama Cloth Boutique that will help with anyone experiencing cloth pad BUNCHING. Welcome CLOTH PAD WING EXTENDERS!

Do you find your pads are bunching? If your underwear gusset is a wider (like a boy short style) or if you are plus sized and have a wider underwear gusset this can happen with cloth pads.  Unlike disposable pads cloth pads don't stick to your underwear to stay in place so it's important to make sure they fit correctly to avoid shifting/bunching which could cause leaks. Since we are all different shapes & sizes it is possible that your cloth pad could be too tight around the gusset of your panties causing a bit of bunching.  I personally prefer a snug fit & a bit of bunching doesn't bother me at all.  I would rather it too tight than too loose (which causes shifting of the pad on your undies and could potentially cause a leak). For those that are experiencing too much bunching causing discomfort, I have introduced a new product to fix the problem. Read on...

Wing Extenders are made from 1/2" wide braided elastic & kam snaps. The snaps are available in a wide variety of colours (Black, White, Bright Pink, Light Pink, Light Blue, Bright Green & Lavender). Gotta make it fun right??? ;)

Cloth Pad Wing Extenders add approximately 1" to the width of your pad! Don't get your undies in a twist! Just snap the extender on and you are ready to go! If you need even MORE of an extension you could snap 2 together adding a 2" increase to your pad (but I doubt this is necessary). A cheap solution at only $2.00 per extender!


CARE/WASHING:  To increase the longevity of your Cloth Pad Wing Extenders, avoid machine washing them. Please be sure to remove your extenders before tossing your cloth pads in the washer. Because they are positioned under the pad, it is unlikely that they will become soiled. If you do need to wash your Extenders, we suggest hand-washing them and air drying OR using a Cloth Pad Drying Strap! Drying snaps are coming soon to Mama Cloth Boutique!

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