TIP OF THE WEEK: My Make Up Removal Routine #DitchTheDisposables

I am always looking for new ways to ditch disposable products and reduce waste. Reusable products are not only better for your pocket and the environment but also for your health! Many disposable products are made with harmful ingredients. I ditched my disposable make up remover pads years ago and I don't miss it one bit!

Reusable cosmetic pads are one of my favorite products at my Mama Cloth Boutique . I use mine everyday for make up removal, toner, and my daughter uses them in the bath for washing her face.  A few friends of mine have mentioned that they love them for travel use as well because they can be used to wash/clean your face but also remove make up, you can wash them in a hotel room and never run out while you are on holidays! The best part is about these puppies is that they are machine washable!  Very rarely do I use more than one at a time to take the make up off my face.  Cosmetic Pads are sold in packs of 5 and measure at approximately 4" each. They are made from Organic Bamboo Velour (the super soft side I use to remove most of my make up), filled with absorbent Cotton Fleece, and backed with a cute flannel printed fabric.  


 I store my cosmetic pads in a 4" round ceramic container from IKEA.  
One cosmetic pad usually does the job to remove all of my 'everyday make up'.  Sometimes I have to use 2 if I am rocking more of an 'evening rockstar/lady of the night' look. ;)
For make up remover I prefer Body Shop's Chamomile make up remover but after recently reviewing the EWG.org Cosmetic Data base I may be switching back to my own home made solution. After doing my research this product isn't as toxic free as I had hoped. I don't always buy make up remover.  Often I use something out of the kitchen like coconut oil and throw it in a small jam jar for my bathroom.  I know some people use Olive Oil or Almond Oil as well.  There are a lot of options that you can use that come right from your kitchen! Before making your selection READ THE LABEL!!! EWG.org Cosmetics Data base is a great resource! If you haven't used that website in the past I suggest you check it out. They also have an app (which I have yet to try). It's a great way to get a rating on any beauty products you are buying Make your selection wisely. 
Apply some make up remover of your choice to the cosmetic pad and gently wipe away dirt/make up. I find that one cosmetic pad is more than enough for the amount of make up that I wear.  The 4" round pads are the perfect size for both eyes and my eye brow pencil removal.
 #NoMakeUpSelfie right here ;)

Now just rinse the cosmetic pad in water! I never have to apply stain remover to my cosmetic pads because I always rinse them upon using them.
Be sure to squeeze the pad out a few times to remove anything that was absorbed to the core of the pad.
Toss in the wet bag with your cloth wipes, diapers, mama cloth or towels!
For washing instructions on my products please go HERE

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